Henry Millard, Texas Hero

     A key person in Texas’s War of Independence was not born in Texas but in New York with roots in colonial New England.  

     Henry Millard is my fourth cousin, four times removed.  Our most recent common ancestors are Nehemiah Millard (1658-1751) and Phoebe Shore(s) (1674-1718 ) of Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts.  Nehemiah was the son of Robert Millard, an immigrant from England to colonial Massachusetts.   Henry and I are both related to President Millard Fillmore, whose mother was Phoebe Millard.

      Millard migrated from New York to Missouri to Mississippi to Lousiana and finally to Southeast Texas.  He was a founder of the city of Beaumont, Texas, which he named after his wife’s family.  He was a Lt. Colonel in the Texas Army and served closely under General Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto.  You can learn more about him in this Wikipedia article, which has links to other sources.

     If you want to learn more about Millard family history, leave a comment below and I will contact you by e-mail.  I am just getting to the stage of compiling and verifying the data I have but will be glad to share.

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52 responses to “Henry Millard, Texas Hero

  1. I was interested to read your post about your Texas ancestor’s roots in colonial New England. If you want to know more about what life was really like for 17th-century New England ancestors, you may want to check out my new book, coming in October (published by Commonwealth Editions, http://www.commonwealtheditions.com), The Naked Quaker: True Crimes and Controversies from the Courts of Colonial New England. The book is an entertaining (but meticulously researched) collection of true court cases from colonial New England, and the title story involves a Quaker woman who took her clothes off in church to protest actions of the Puritan authorities. Other true stories in the book tell about surprisingly feisty people from all over colonial New England.

  2. The book looks interesting. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. I read something about the disrobing Quaker woman somewhere else. I am glad that I was not imagining I read it. I may have to read your book. Just for the narrative, though. I won’t look at the pictures.

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  5. related to Henry Millard

  6. Hollis Millard, Jr.

    Col. Henry Millard was my Great, Great, Great, Great (four) grandfather. You are welcome to join us at our annual family reunion in Georgetown, Texas in July if you are able.

    • Charlotte Millard was married to Absolum J.(ABJ) Winfree. They are my relatives. I am interested to learn anything about Charlotte. I’m hopeful that she was related to Henry B. so that I can claim a relative at San Jacinto. I have other relatives who were in the Texas Army, but none that I can find who fought at San Jacinto.
      Any help would be appreciated. I’m in Houston.

    • I am Col. Millards great, great, great, ?great niece. I am sorry I missed the reunion. I have a Gentlemans Manner book published 1852 passed through my family. Signed by Laura Millard. Col Millards brother was my great, …Grandfather. Do you know who Laura Millard was? I have a copy of the book in it’s entirity, if you would care for a copy.


  7. Related to MILLARD family through Martha MILLARD 1728, daughter of John 1700, son of Nathaniel 1672, son of Robert 1632….

  8. Your site is a great resource on the web. Please when you have time do checkout my site http://genealogydatabases.blogspot.com

  9. Erin Bentrim-Tapio

    I am also related to Henry Millard and would like more definitive details. My grandfather was Jack Millard and his father was Frederick Millard. I think Henry Millard was my great, great, great, great grandfather. I am quite interested in following up.

    There was more than one Frederick Millard. I don’t know of a Jack Millard. I’m assuming it could be a nickname for something else. I’ll see if I can find anything more.

    UPDATED: I have found your link and included it in another post.

  10. Tyler Holland

    I’ve been sorting through old photos and genealogies found in my grandmother’s home after her death, and I think I might be related to Henry Millard. Her grandfather was Henry W. Millard, born in 1868, and I remember her mentioning that he was a third generation officer, but any further back and the ties get tenuous. I am a fourth generation Texan and so I thought I might possibly be related. What is known of the Millard family tree (who were his children, etc.)?

  11. Erin Bentrim-Tapio

    I have not heard from others but am still interested in piecing histories together to compare what we have. Please contact!

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  13. Cyndi House (Millard)

    I am the a great,great,great, great (I think thats right) granddaughter of Henry Millard. My father was Martin Rufus Millard son of Rufus Haley Millard. Use to go to the reunions as a child. Would love to hear from any family out there.

  14. David Millard McKay


    I am also a Millard. I am interested to know what you know about the three brothers that came to Massachusetts in 1650. Most of my information comes from the “History of the Millard Family 1650 – 1908″ by George and William Millard. I know they left France and went to England and then came to the colonies and then as you know kept moving west in subsequent generations. If you have other sources to turn to I would appreciate it.

  15. I am interested in Col. Millard. My grandmother was Callie Bryce. She was a Millard. Not sure,but I think Col. Millard was her Uncle. She was giving one of Santa Annas pistols & she gave it to my father James A. Bryce. Would like more imformation . Thank You

    • Jack Gammon, Jr.

      Pat, I am a great-great-great grandson of Col. Millard. Your grandmother Callie was a great Aunt, an elder sister of my grandmother Susan Anna Millard Montgomery. My grandmother was the last child of Henry Haley Millard and LouAnna Salyer Millard. Henry and LouAnna would have been your great grandparents in that line. Henry H. Millard was one of two grandsons of Col. H. B. Millard. BTW, if you are unaware, your grandmother Callie is buried at the old city cemetery in Florence, rather than one of the other family cemeteries in the area.

      • Jack Gammon, Jr.

        Since the topic is not yet breached here, I will add a new twist for those looking for other relatives. Col. Henry B. Millard, Texas, was the oldest son of Josiah Millard and Nancy Tower. One of Nancy Tower’s brothers sired the line that the late Sen. John Tower came from. Nancy Tower’s father was Sgt. Gideon Tower, Conn., of the Amer. Revolution. He spent most of the Amer. Rev. as a scout for Ethan Allen’s group. These are some points to do your research on and find the additional details. Happy researching! The Tower line comes from John Tower of Hingham, MA.

  16. Sandra Sheffield

    I would love more information. My husband’s grandmother was Callie Bryce. Just visited her gravesite today and took pictures.

  17. Bonnie Millard House

    I have been working with my brother on the millard family from the first John to Robert,to Nehmiah,Ebenezer,Jonothan,Levi,StephenSly.DanielHarveyand my Dad, Ora millard,who had 4 boys &4 girls.Henry is also a grandson to Nehmiah

  18. I am the Great, Great, Great Grand Neice of Henry Millard. His brother is my Great, Great, Greatgrandfather, Dr. D.J.O Millard. My Aunt donated one of the pistols to the museam here in Austin. I also posess a gentlemens manners book passed down through time that is supposed to be Henry Millards. It is a cherished family heirloom. It is signed by Florence Millard?

    • Erin Bentrim-Tapio


      I would love to have a photograph of the book and the pistol. Or any other items you would be willing to share. I don’t have the family tree in front of me, but it sounds like we are cousins of some type. I would like to be able to contact you directly or vice versa.

      • americanpye1

        Dear Erin, I am sorry to of not visited this sight in awhile. My Great, Great, Great Grandfather also is Dr. DJO Millard and I woulsd love to share phot and content of the book. The book is signed by his daughter Laura Millard, my Great, Great Grandmother. I will stay more connected and you can reach me @ debrapye@gmail.com. i do have information on our family and a small family tree an uncle put down for me. The pistols are in a museam in Austin and I am in Houston at the time.

    • Erin Bentrim-Tapio

      Would still love to reach Debra Pye if possibleQ

      • americanpye1

        I think I sent you an email. i found someone with your name on facebook. I pasted a copy of the books outside and inside where Laura, my great great grandmother, signed it. i have an Aunt that knew her and she has all this information in her head. i need to start taping her when we talk before she is gone. My email is debrapye@gmail.com

    • Debra, may grandmother Callie Bryce had the other pistol & it was handed down to my Dad James Bryce. He donated it also to the muesum in Austin. I am not for sure but, I think my grandmother was a great neice of Henry Millard. Maybe even a great,great, I’m not sure. We never had much imformation on the Millard family. I would appreciate any imformation that you might want to share. Thanks Pat Sweeten

      • americanpye1

        Dear Pat, I have some information, but have an Aunt that has very much information and documentation. i would love to have someone accompany me to go thru what she has. She is older and this needs to be done soon. She spent her life researching Henry Millard and our grandfather Dr. DJO Millard who treated soldiers and provided horses for the battle of San Jacinto. You can contact me via my email debrapye@gmail.com for more info that I have.

  19. Carol Fairchild Boone

    I am descended from Jedediah Millard a brother of Henry Millard who moved from Arkansas in the early 1800′s leaving his wife in Arkansas. It is my belief that he died in Texas perhaps while living with his mother Elisabeth Millard. I have never been able to find a burial place. Jedediah was the son of Josiah Millard who built a stone house on the Mississippi in St. Gennevieve, MO. which still stands and I have visited. Jedediah was the father of Thomas Wyatt Johnston Millard who was the father of my grandfather William Robert Millard. In response to Tyler Holland’s note about his Henry W. Millard that was a name that follows through the generations in many of these related families.

  20. My name is Pattie Porter. My father is Millard Beaumont Porter. Henry Millard was married to my fathers great great great aunt. Her last name was Beaumont. Henry Millard and the great great great aunts brother founded Beaumont Texas.

  21. Randy Millard Dodd

    I am doing some research for a granddaughter as to kinship to Millard Fillmore for a school report. My mother was Viola Millard Dodd daughter of Henry Wesley Millard and Annie Landolt. Any lineage you can send me would be helpful. Thanks.
    Randy Dodd

  22. Randy M. Dodd

    see above comment

  23. Randy, I’m sorry that I have not responded yet. I do not have the information that you are seeking at my fingertips. I will look for it right now.

    • I am responding to an inquirey for me Debra Pye. You had asked about Laura Millard the daughter of Dr. DJO Millard. i found out who she was and I have a manners book signed by her. My family has much documentation that will be lost when my Aunt passes. It needs to be preserved soon. She has finally said that I can come and go thru it, but she wants information she wants me to retrieve. She is a Millard family buff.

  24. Henry Wesley Millard was born May 6, 1868 in Texas. He was the son of Thomas Wyatt Johnson Millard and Martha Anna Burnett.

    Thomas Wyatt Johnson Millard was born December 11, 1830 in Hot Springs County, Arkansas. He was the son of Jedidiah Millard and Elizabeth Johnson.

    Jedidiah Millard was born in 1799 in Dutchess County, NY. He was the son of Josiah Millard and Nancy Tower. He was the brother of Henry Millard, Texas hero.

    (Therefore, you are the great-great-great-nephew of Henry Millard, and your daughter is his 4g-niece.)

    Josiah Millard was born in 1773 in New York. He was the son of an earlier Jedidiah Millard and Ann Taylor. He was the second cousin of Millard Fillmore, as shown below.


    Your most recent common ancestor with Millard Fillmore was Robert Millard. He was born in 1752 in Massachusetts. He was the son of Nehemiah Millard and Phoebe Shore. His wife’s name was Hannah (maiden name unknown).

    President Fillmore descended from Robert Millard’s son Abiathar (b. 1744) and Abiathar’s wife Huldah Robinson. You descend from Robert’s son Eleazer (b. 1732) and Eleazer’s wife Ana (maiden name unknown).

    Abiathar’s daughter Pheobe Millard married Nathaniel Fillmore. They are the parents of President Millard Fillmore.

    Eleazer’s son Jedidiah is the last one mentioned above. He was born in 1752. He is your 4g-grandfather.

    Theforefore, President Fillmore was your second cousin, 5 times removed. He is your daughter’s second cousin, 6 times removed.


    To simplify:

    President Fillmore’s line is on the left. Yours is on the right.

    ————–Robert and Hannah Millard—————

    —–Abiathar Millard—————Eleazar Millard—–

    —–Phoebe Millard—————-Jedidiah Millard—-

    —–Millard Fillmore—————–Josiah Millard—–

    ———————————————-Jedidiah Millard—–

    ———————————————-Thomas Millard—–

    ———————————————–Henry Millard——

    ————————————————Viola Millard——


    ———————————————-Your Daughter—-

  25. By the way, Randy, do you know the Carol who commented two slots above you. She is apparently a relative of yours.

  26. Randy M. Dodd

    Thank you so much for the info. She was thrilled to learn of the kinship and may kindle an additional ancestry search. Do you know the particulars on the 2010 Millard Reunion?
    Randy Dodd

    • Jack Gammon, Jr.

      A bit late seeing your post, but the Millard-Salyers reunion is held in San Gabriel St. Park in Georgetown each year, normally the second Sunday afternoon in July – about noon until folks leave. Pot luck dinner by the river near the dam.

  27. Dear Renaissanceguy, I too come from the Millard Family. Millard Fillmore was my 2nd cousin. My 2nd Great Grandmother was Adelia Fillmore. Millard Fillmore received his first name from his mother’s maiden name Millard. She was also a Phobe, The Millards are related to another famous Texan George Bush. I would love to know more about your Henry Millard. I come from Nehemiah Millard and Phobe Shore also.

  28. I am related to a Millard from upstate NY. I would love to have the Millard information you have.


  29. Dear Ted, I too am related to the NY Millards. I have the whole family tree. If you would me to share it you please contact me at the above e-mail,


    R Len Rudd

  30. I have posted pretty much everything I know here on my blog. I have written you an e-mail message so that we can correspond privately.

  31. I’m interested in data related to Charlotte Millard who was married to Absolum J. (ABJ) Winfree in LA but moved near Anahuac TX prior to the Republic. I’m hopeful that she is related to Col Henry B. Millard. They were alive at the same time and traveled the same countryside- Anahuac to Nacogdoches.

  32. Like Doak I also wonder about Charlotte. My great great grandmother was Marslete Winfree Dugat. On the other side,
    my great great grandmother was Nancy Millard(married to
    George O’Brien) So Henry Millard was my great great uncle. Nancy’s son was Sidney O’Brien. His daughter, Alzena, was
    my beloved grandmother. She died when I was fourteen.

  33. Hey.. I am also related to Lt Col Henry Millard – we have been doing some research here on the lineage and would be very interested if you have already created this is written or documented form. We have lots of miscellaneous stuff that has never been compiled in a formal way. We are Fred Sipe Millard’s grandaughters. Please let me know what you have :)

    • Jack Gammon, Jr.

      Fred Sipe Millard was one of two sons of Frederick Leiss Millard, Henry Haley Millard was the other son and my great grandfather. Frederick Leiss Millard had a brother Henry Beaumont Millard. They were the sons of Col. Henry B. Millard. F S Millard and H H Millard were raised by their uncle Henry Beaumont Millard. F S Millard left home as a teenager after refusing to go to school and learn to read and write. Late in life he dictated a book “A Cowpuncher of the Pecos” where you can learn about his life after leaving home. The book has been reprinted in “Old West” magazine, I believe in the 1970s. Several copies seem to be available on the web if you are interested.

  34. Pam,

    I do have some of this written out if you would like to contact me. Jack Millard was my grandfather.

  35. Joan Harrell Gibertini

    Very informative. I am the granddaughter of Henry W. Millard and Annie Landolt. Randy Dodd is my cousin. I may have the genealogy of our grandfather Henry W. Millard in mother’s boxes. I will look.
    Hi Randy and thanks renaissanceguy.

    Joan Harrell Gibertini

  36. Manners book signed by Col. Henry Millards daughter. i have this book in my posssession.

  37. My Great Great Grandmother was Laura Millard, the daughter of Dr. DJO Millard, Henry Millard’s(Texas Hero)brother. How am I related to Millard Filmore?

  38. I am the great, great granddaughter of Laura Millard who was the daughter Of Henry Millard’s(Texas Hero) brother Dr. D.J.O Millard, “Early Southeast Texas Doctors were Medical Men of Iron”. In this website there is an Edward A. Pye who was also in Beaumont at one point. I am a Pye and trying to find a family connection between these two doctors. Can anyone help me on this?

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