What Consensus?

     A consensus is a decision made by a group when most of the members of the group agree on something and the others agree to accept their viewpoint.  Supposedly there is a consensus among the scientific community on global warming.  But is there?

     At American Thinker you can read about the 32,000 scientists who have signed a petition that urges the United States government not to sign the Kyoto agreement or to implement its policies.  Among them are 9,000 PhD’s.  Wait a minute, you say?  Aren’t the Kyoto measures good for the environment, even if global warming is not manmade or not occurring?  These scientists contend that the Kyoto measures are harmful to the environment.  In fact, they contend that increased CO2 levels are beneficial to plant and animal life.

     If the main argument for signing Kyoto and implementing extreme measures for stopping catastrophic heating of the earth is that scientists say we need to, shouldn’t we listen to the scientists who say that we don’t need to?  I would listen if there were only one dissenter, but since there are 32,000, it should make us strongly doubt the original dire warnings of the IPCC.

Hat Tip to American Elephant

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2 responses to “What Consensus?

  1. Apparently you didn’t receive the memo….Al Gore already told us the debate was over. No need to go analyzing any pesky facts that might show a different story than his over-sensationalized method of fear mongering the people into making him rich off the newly created “green” hedge funds, while he continues to maintain a much larger carbon footprint than the average. And I’m sure if you ask him, he’ll assure you all 32,000 of dissenting opinion are merely part of Big Oil’s plan to regain tight control over an ignorant populace.
    (Good God, the baloney that comes out of my mind in the form of sarcasm almost overwhelmed me!)

    RG: LOL

  2. Hey there,

    I’m the blogger at Counting Down the Hours – you commented on my Prince Caspian review. Thanks for reading! I appreciated your comments.

    Yes, I was perhaps overly critical of the movie but as I stated in the article, I think it deserves better

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