Ancestors and Descendants of Lt. Colonel Henry Millard

Several people have been interested in Lt. Colonel Henry Millard‘s family tree after I wrote a post about him.  It has been fun to be in contact with some of his living descendants.  People have asked for more information, and while I don’t want to go into much detail, I’m posting a bit here.

The following data are pieced together from various sources.  Please use them cautiously as a starting point for your own research.  I don’t want to take the time to provide sources on everything here, and I cannot verify every detail, although I think that most of it is accurate.  Feel free to offer corrections or additions.


purple = ancestors of Henry Millard

green = sons of Henry Millard

red = grandsons of Henry Millard

blue = great-grandchildren of Henry Millard

* = my ancestors

** = ancestors of President Millard Fillmore

Robert Millard * **

b. about 1632 in England

d. 1698 in Massachusetts

m.  Elizabeth Sabin, dau. of William Sabin and Mary Wright

m. in about 1662 in Massachusetts

Children:  Elizabeth *, Nehemiah * **, Nathaniel

Nehemiah Millard * **

b. about 1668 in Massachusetts

d. about 1751 in Massachusetts

m. 1st Judith Mason, dau. of John Mason and Mary Eaton

Children:  Nehemiah, Abigail, Josiah

m. 2nd Phoebe Shore, dau. of Jonathan Shore and Priscilla Hawthorne

Children:  Esther, Judith, Robert **, Ebenezer *, Phoebe

 Robert Millard **

b. about 1702 in Massachusetts

d. about 1784 in New York state

m. Hannah Eddy, dau. of Eleazer Eddy and Elizabeth Randall

m. about 1726 in Massachusetts

Children:  Hannah, Phebe, Robert, Lucretia, Joshua, Eleazer, Abiathar **

Eleazer Millard

b.  about 1732 in Massachusetts

d.  about 1795 in New York state

m.  1st Huldah Robinson

m. 2nd Ana ?

     Children:  Hannah, Phoebe, Jedidiah, Eleazer, Robert

Jedidiah Millard

b. about 1752 in Saratoga Co., NY

d. about 1813 in Saratoga, Co., NY

m. Ann Taylor, dau. of Lemuel Taylor and Bathsheba Dean

Child:  Josiah

Josiah Millard

b. about 1773 in Albany, NY

d. about 1828 in Hot Springs, Arkansas

m.  Nancy Tower, dau. of Gideon Tower and Abigail Perkins

Children:  Anthony, Sydney, Henry B., Otho

Henry B. Millard (Lt. Col, in the Texas Army and founder of Beaumont, Texas)

b. about 1796 in Stillwater, NY

d. 1844 in Galveston, TX; bur. in the Episcopal Cemetery

m. Mary Beaumont, dau. of William Henry Beaumont and Elizabeth Duncan

m. in 1826 in Natchez, Missippi

Mary was b. about 1805 in Natchez, Mississippi and d. about 1835 in New Orleans

Children:  Matilda, Frederick Sipe, Henry Beaumont

Matilda died as a child.

Frederick Sipe (or Frederick Leiss) Millard (first son of Henry B.)

b. about 1827 in Natchez, Mississippi

d. about 1863 in Texas

m. Mary Caroline (or Clara) Haley, dau. of Robert Haley and Mary Brooks Ake

Child:  Henry Haley, Susan D., Frederick Sipe

Henry Haley Millard (grandson of Henry B.)

b. about 1853

d. about 1931 in Georgetown, TX

m. Louanna Belle Salyer, dau. of Fielding Salyer and Rhoda Jane Patrick

Children:  Frederick Sipe, Callie Mary, Rhoda Fieldon, Monnie, Salina, Hattie Lee, Carl Eban, Henrietta, Rufus Haley, Susan Anna

Frederick S. Millard (grandson of Henry B.)

b. 1866 in Texas

m. Lucy ? (b. about 1877 in Mississippi)

Children:  Iona, Robert Herman, Joe B., Henry Haley, Lee L., Ida Lois, Dee Rufus, Ernestine Marie, Jack, Dixie, Fred 


Henry Beaumont Millard (second son of Henry B.)

b. about 1833 in Mississippi

d. about 1914 in Georgetown, TX

m. Susan Dunlap Haley

Children:  Robert, Walter

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26 responses to “Ancestors and Descendants of Lt. Colonel Henry Millard

  1. Erin Bentrim-Tapio

    I’m happy to share information with others and am interested in learning about the reunion as well as the old photographs mentioned in the previous posting.


    RG: I took out some of your information to protect your identity. Unfortunately I live out of the country, so it might not be convenient for me to attend, although I would like to. I will try to keep in touch, so that I can find out the date in 2010 that the reunion will be.

  3. ERIN,

  4. Gideon and Abigail Tower are my ancestors, too…I’m tracing my ancestry through another one of their children, also named Abigail. Can you tell me where you garnered the info on them that you did? Thanks!

    RG’s Reply: Check out this website:

    And this one:

    This one gives the name of Henry Millard’s mother:

    • You may also wish to take a look at the book: Tower Genealogy by Charlemagne Tower. You may also find info on the author interesting.

  5. Cyndi House (Millard)

    I am the a great,great,great, great (I think thats right) granddaughter of Henry Millard. My father was Martin Rufus Millard son of Rufus Haley Millard. Use to go to the reunions as a child. Would love to hear from any family out there.

    • Hi Cyndi this is Ken (Kenny) Peterson.
      I am Martin and Eunice’s grandson.
      You ran and got Eunice when I was bit by the rattle snake.
      I am not much on writing but I saw your name and I just had to say HI!

  6. Please contact me if you are interested in comparing Millard notes. Col. Henry Millard is my GGG grandfather. FS Millard II of Georgetown is my Ggrandfather.

  7. How can I get contact info from others? Is it possible for you to share email addresses?

    RG’s Reply: I have sent your e-mail address to some other Millard descendants. Maybe somebody will write to you.

    I don’t want to post people’s e-mail addresses here.

  8. Please notify me if you are interested in the family reunion for the Millard and Salyer family we meet every July in George Town, Texas.

  9. I am also descended from Fred Sype Millard I. Great to read anything about the family. I haven’t been to the reunion in years, but I used to go with my mother, Doris (Dau of Carl Eban Millard.)

  10. my granfather frederick Sipe Millard was the grandson of Lt.Col.Henry Millard he was married to Allie Jane (Montgomery) Millard. He died in Houston in 1961 but lived most of his life in Georgetown Texas.The children as follows:
    Horace B. Millard
    Lucille Millard
    Clemmie Ruth Millard
    Clara Millard
    Forrest Millard
    Morrest Millard (twin to Forrest)
    Klonnie (Jack) Millard
    Vonnie Lee Millard (twin to Klonnie)
    Frederick Sipe Millard (2010 82 yrs. old)

  11. I would love to be in touch with the Bryce Relatives. My grandfather Frederick Sipe and Mary Callie Bryce were brother and sister and her grandson had possesion of the last of Santa Anna’s pistol donated to the D.R.T in 1981.

  12. Merlene Armendariz

    Dec 08,2010

    I am a granddaughter of Mary Calla Bryce. I live in Austin. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. My mother was Zula V. Bryce married to C.V. Sheffiedl

  13. I would love to meet you Merlene but I don’t think they will allow us to leave our e-mail addresses or telephone numbers. Your Grandmother Mary Callie Bryce and my Granfather Frederick Sipe millard were brother and sister. My uncle Frederick Sipe Jr. is alive and well in San Antoino.

    Lynda Melhuish

  14. Merlene Armendariz

    I have lived in Austin for many years, and I would love to visit with you. I remember going to the reunions in Georgetown. How I have not been there in years.
    My brothers are: C.V Sheffield Jr, H.Wade Sheffield, and Jimmy W. Sheffield of Georgetown, TX . My Sister Buna F Laggens & My twin Geraldene (died in 1989)

  15. I posted some of my info before here. Hey RG, feel free to share my email with other descendants of Henry B., especially in Texas. I would especially like to hear from anyone interested in joining our MyFamily website for Millards and other related families.

  16. If anybody wishes to contact Mr. Seward, you can access his blog by clicking on his name. Or you can request his e-mail address, and I will send it to you.



  18. According to the records of the First Presbyterian Church in Natchez, MS, Mary Beaumont Millard was a member there and died in N.O. in 1833.

    Henry Beaumont Millard (my grandmother’s great uncle) and Susan Haley had a daughter named Susan who died as a child and is buried between them. I have always been told they had no other children. If that is incorrect I would like to know.

  19. Does anyone know or have any clues what the middle name of Col. Henry B. Millard was? Thanks

  20. J,

    Thanks for the information about Mary Beaumont.

    Frederick had a daugther named Susan, but I have seen no records for a Susan born to Henry.

    I am not sure where I came up with the initial B for Colonel Henry. I picked it up somwhere from a descendant, but I have no documentation for it. I wonder if somebody got confused because of his son’s middle name starting with B.

    • Henry Beaumont Millard and his wife are buried in a prominent spot in the Berry’s Creek Cemetery, Williamson Cty, Texas. Their daughter is buried between them. Apparently I recalled the daughter’s name incorrectly.
      See: for a listing of graves in Berry’s Creek Cmty.
      Note that there is an R H Millard listed age about 4 weeks. The Henry B. Millard listed here is Henry Beaumont Millard and Susan D. Millard was his wife. The smaller stone is set between the two large ones for Henry and Susan. At least one of the other stones shown has an error: Henrietta Perriraz Rader was a daughter of Henry Haley Millard and died in her late 90s, not age 110. She was my great aunt.and the sister of my grandmother. Her husband Frank Rader is buried (unmarked) in the nearby Salyer-Millard Cemetery (private) as is her older brother Fred Millard of Houston who died about 1960 or 1961. Salyer-Millard Cty. is about two miles N and W of Berry’s Creek Cty. There is no public road that is within 1/2 mile of it. However it is possible to see it from I-35 in the distance. There is a private, gated road that leads to Salyer-Millard and it is shown on the geological survey map of the area. While several Millard graves are located there it is set aside for the descendents of Abner Salyer and their families.

  21. As to the B middle initial given to Col Millard, a check of Texas Army records and records in Natchez are likely to give correct indications. Henry and his partner Franklin Beaumont ran ads in the local papers regularly while in business in Natchez. There should be plenty of public records, tax records, etc that are related.

  22. Thanks for the cemetery information, J. I have updated some of my files.

    I do not have access at the moment to any of the records that you suggest or to the cemeteries. I am out of the country. I might do some digging next summer. I will also try to attend the reunion.

  23. Lt Col. Henry Millard and his business partner Franklin Beaumont were brother in laws. Franklin Beaumont was the brother of of Henry’s wife Mary Beaumont.

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