My Middle-Aged Wife

     I am married to a 45-year-old woman.  Of course, I am 47 years old, so it is appropriate.  I find it weird and even a little sick when a man my age goes after a woman much younger, and I have absolutely no interest in doing so, even if I were not committed to my wife, which I am.

      My wife’s birthday was a few days ago, and I had a realization hit me that I am now married to a 45-year-old woman.  It is astounding.  I felt no disappointment or sadness about it.  It does not diminish her one fraction in my eyes.  It’s just that I found it shocking to suddenly realize that my wife is middle-aged.  I also found it amusing that I, who still feel pretty young, am married to a woman who is no spring chicken, as they say.

     My wife has very good health.  She is still vibrant and active.  Because she eats right and stays active and abstains from tobacco and alcohol, she does not look her age.  She has a few gray hairs here and there, and she has just the tiniest little wrinkles starting to appear on her face, but most people would guess her to be somewhere between 35 and 40.  Not that I care.  I think that people should look their age, and I find all those people using botox or getting plastic surgery completely ridiculous.  They aren’t fooling anyone, and sometimes they end up looking absolutely freakish.  I’m sure you have seen examples of what I’m talking about.

     I like that my wife has put on a little weight.  It makes her softer and smoother, and I love it.  She was too thin when we got married.  Her bones literally poked me when she sat on my lap or gave me a hug.  Then again, I was pretty thin myself, so it might not have been that comfortable for her either.  America’s obsession with being frighteningly thin really bothers me.  Whenever I see one of those young ladies whose ribs show or whose elbows are as sharp as pencils, I have an almost irrestible urge to feed them.  I have turned into one of those Italian mamas that I knew as a kid; you could not walk into their houses without them saying, “Eat!  Eat!”

     At the risk of embarrassing myself I want to say that we have a great time in the bedroom–or wherever else we decide to do “it.”  Forget the nonsense in the popular media–if you have a good relationship with your spouse, the physical part gets better and better.  For one thing, practice makes perfect.  For another thing, middle age has brought my wife and me more in synch with each other.  My drive has lessened some, which gives me more patience and more lasting power.  Hers has increased some.  Those two facts mean that we almost never fail to fully satisfy each other.

     Fortunately, all of our equipment still works.  However, if we were forced for some reason to give up you-know-what, it would not be a tragedy.  At our ages we realize that it is not the most important thing in life, and we would make do the best that we could.  We would improvise and we would find other ways to share our love together. 

     I am truly excited about growing old with my wife.  I hope that God grants us long life together and the good health to enjoy it.  She was my best friend when I married her, and that friendship has deepened incredibly over the years.  She is my lover, and she is sexier than ever.  Life for me is better than I ever could have imagined it would be at my age.

One response to “My Middle-Aged Wife

  1. RG-
    Nice to see that you can look back over the years and see the good qualities even more appreciative in value now. Also nice to see that some marriages can really still go the distance. Gives the rest of us a little bit of hope for our future.

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