Rand Paul’s Run In With the TSA

Did you read or hear about Rand Paul’s encounter with the TSA?  Apparently something turned up during the body scan and they wanted to pat him down.  When he refused they detained him.

I am glad, in a way, that it happened to a United States senator.  He is in a position to do something about this encroachment on our rights and on our dignity.

I was recently traveling by air.  I saw that the airport had the reveal-all scanners.  I thought, “Oh, boy!  After all of the negative things that I have written about the scanners, it will be my fate to be sent into it.”  And it was.

It felt so weird being told to spread my legs and raise my arms, as though I was a criminal or a suspected criminal.  It felt weird to know that somebody was observing the size and shape of my genitals.

Like most people, I submitted.  They have uniforms and badges.  I wanted to be on the flight.

I had already taken off my shoes and my belt and pulled out my laptop, my mp3 player, my cell phone, and my little baggie with liquids in it.  I find it all so humiliating.  And I have nothing to be humiliated for!  I’m not a terrorist.

I felt even worse for the white haired lady in the wheelchair who was forced to remover her shoes and her sweater.  It took great effort on her part, and she had to be embarrassed to realize that people watching her struggle to untie her shoelaces and to undo the buttons on her sweater and to stand and take shuffling steps through the metal detector.

Here’s what bothers me.  If the TSA is stupid enough to think that a little old grandma, on her way back from visiting her relatives for Christmas, who can barely walk or unbotton her sweater, is going to blow up an airplane, how can we believe that they are able to keep us safe?  I mean it; I’m not being facetious.

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One response to “Rand Paul’s Run In With the TSA

  1. I’m curious. What is your solution? Stick with the traditional security of pre9-11 times?

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