More Has Sunk

People are suing the owners of the Costa Concordia.  Why should they have to sue?  If the owners and managers had any decency or integrity, they would be giving something to the victims or their surviving family members.

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6 responses to “More Has Sunk

  1. Because of government civil law.

    One cannot make amends outside of the court because no matter what is done, after the payouts one side can renege ex post facto and demand even more payouts.

    Therefore, why bother and merely go directly to court.

  2. Americans are far more litigious than many other countries. We’re a very legalistic culture, looking at laws and rules rather than customs, traditions and social norms.

  3. Scott,

    And some states are worse than others . My state of Pennsylvania is particularly bad . Everyone sees lawsuits, especially against doctors as a lottery .

  4. Hi, I was just thinking about you. (Reading a book about Roger Williams, whom I think was an ancestor of yours.) I see you have posted anything since January or so. Are you OK? My email if you are OK and still alive is

  5. Has ANYone heard from Renaissance Guy? Is he even still around and kicking at least?

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