Favorite Words

     I have written a series of blog posts on words.  I have called these posts “Favorite Words,” because I really like the word or words featured in each of these posts.  I hope that you find these words amusing and/or useful.

Favorite Words I (Euphonious Words)

Favorite Words II  (Funny-Sounding Words)

Favorite Words III (Words That Name Figures of Speech)

Favorite Words IV (Words That Begin With Omni-)

Favorite Words V (Words Containing -Phil-)

Favorite Words VI (The Word Antepenultimate)

Favorite Words VII (The Word Ambivalent)

Favorite Words VIII (Words That Mean Nonsense)

Favorite Words IX (The Word Zombie)

Favorite Words X (The Word Incarnation)

Favorite Words XI (The Word Pertinacious)

Favorite Words XII (Words Containing X and Y and Z)

Favorite Words XIII (The Word Portmanteau)

3 responses to “Favorite Words

  1. From what I’ve read so far, it appears that we are brothers of a kindred spirit. Kudos for this website my good man. You’ll have to forgive my accolade for barely being polysyllabic;-)

    RG: Thanks, Lawrence. Some of the best words have only one syllable.

  2. Fantastic. I just did a post on words and your site certainly was a big inspiration!


  3. Here are some lines from T.S. Eliot:

    “Ridiculous the waste sad time.”

    “You are the music while the music lasts.”

    “We cannot revive old factions
    We cannot restore old policies
    Or follow an antique drum.”

    “History is a pattern
    Of timeless moments.”

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