Migraine Blogs

If you want to learn more about migraine disease or want to connect with migraineurs, here are some good blogs:

365 Migraine

Migraine Truth

New York Times Migraine Blog

Chronic Migraine Warrior

3 responses to “Migraine Blogs

  1. My wife has suffered from these, and one of my friends. I never have, thank the lord.

  2. Anyone who doesn’t should be thankful. :)

  3. Coyote Kazarinoff

    Since I don’t do medicines anymore and having had migraines since a child I have tried many things, what has worked for me finally, and I am almost completely migraine free is Carlson’s chelated Magnesium glycinate, I personally take 800 mg a day, which does give me loose bowels, but a trade out I’d rather have, you could try cutting back later and see if it keeps you headache free, I also break the pills in half as they are large. Also I take Taurine with that 2 a day, 500mg. I split them up day and night. I do think it takes a build up time and I noticed month after month I did better and better. I also have been working hard on keeping my diet clean as in processed food, as close to no nitrates as I can and organic when I can, sometimes I do go in and out of sugar crazes which is never good in my opinion for me. If anyone tries this and it works contact me at coyotewoman57@gmail.com. I am curious if it would work for other people.

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