Being Offended Is Offensive

There is a time to be offended.  I would be offended to hear women called ugly names in a rap lyric.  I would be offended to see somebody screaming at his or her child.  I would be offended to see an American citizen desecrate our flag.  I would be offended to hear somebody blaspheme against Jesus Christ.

However, some people are offended too easily.  Their skin is as thin as the air on the top of Mount Everest.

Some folks in Utah wanted a new high school to have the cougar as its mascot.  It’s a great mascot, found all over the country.  However, some other folks were concerned that the mascot would offend certain women.  It seems that “cougar” is a term for a middle-aged woman who goes after younger men, Demi Moore being one famous example.  Did you know that?

So when the quarterback of the football team throws a pass, people are going to think of him as a sexually insatiable woman preying on her son’s buddy?  Aside from the fact that the slang term has very little to do with the connotations that most people would think of in regard to a team called the Cougars, there is something else ridiculous about the controversy.  Wouldn’t a woman have to admit that she actually is a cougar in order to express her resentment toward the mascot?  And is she likely to do so?

The school district has come up with an alternative–Chargers.  Okay. . .so, won’t middle-aged woman who use their credit card too often be offended?  Ridiculous, right?  But not beyond the realm of possibility in a country where several people have gotten in trouble for using the word niggardly!

I just wish that people would stop using “offense” as the final test for public discourse.  Let’s first use common sense and say how likely it is that people really would be offended and how appropriate it is if they are offended by something.  What do you think?



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7 responses to “Being Offended Is Offensive

  1. But RG, being offended is all the rage in America these days!

    It seems that about the only thing the English language has become is offensive, or so it seems at times.

  2. This is why we have elections . We the people are the problem . We keep putting idiots in positions of power over us . Which means we are the bigger idiots . Unless you want to talk about Caleefornia . The voters there have got to be the biggest morons on planet earth. In a state that is bankrupt, lawmakers must justify their existence, so they pass stupid laws and their subjects continue to reelect them .

    The latest was a change in the car seat law . This year in California, a kid under 8 years or under 4ft 9in must be in a baby seat . I mean car seat .

    What a shame that state did not break off and sink into the Pacific Ocean in the 70s like it was supposed to .

  3. This is one aspect of our culture that drives me crazy. I tell my kids that they have the power not to let the words of someone else bother them. Yet our culture seems to be sending the opposite message.

  4. Good for you, Scott. It is up to each person to be tough and not to let words bring them down.

  5. Just how does one teach the younger generation to not let words destroy them ? How do you teach someone to take a joke ?

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